Mysterious Jewelry Bead—Tibetan Beads

Jewelry makers and jewelry businessmen all know it that Tibetan beads are elegant name of zinc alloy or so-called pewter. Traditional Tibetan beads contain thirty percent of silver and seventy percent of copper. While today, the content of silver is too low, and almost all the Tibetan silver beads on the fashion jewelry market are replaced by copper alloy completely.

They are widely used in jewelry making. They are very popular, and Pandora style beads and pendant charms are the most popular styles. When we talk about them or Tibetan beads jewelry, many people will think they are from Tibet which is caused by its name. Although this statement is not correct, China is one of the largest countries who can offer Tibetan beads to anywhere of this world. To some extent, It convey a traditional cultural tint of Tibet. There are many mysterious legends about those beads. That is why Tibetan jewelry pieces look more mysterious and exotic, and so many people fall in love with them.

If you like those beads very much, you must care them very much. As there are some silver in Tibetan beads, you need to how to clean and care for them. Wipe the beads or jewelry pieces with a piece of wet cotton cloth. Do not clean them with silver police or any other kind of chemical, because many Tibetan jewelry pieces are created with soft stones such as turquoise and coral that may become discolored. You can polish the gemstones with baby oil, and then wipe off the extra oil with a tissue or soft cotton cloth.

Dzi bead, a kind of Tibetan beads, is very popular among all ages for both men and women. Dzi bead is a bead stone of mysterious origin worn as part of a necklace and sometimes as a bracelet. In several Asian cultures, including Tibet, the bead is considered to provide spiritual benefit. In fact, Dzi stones are made from agate, and may have decorated symbols composed of circles, ovals, square, waves, stripes, lines, diamonds, dots and various other natural archetypal symbolic patterns. Colors will mainly range from browns to blacks with the pattern usually being in ivory white. Dzi beads can be produced in different colors, shapes and sizes. There are some "eyes" on those stones, and different numbers represent different things or meanings, which let the Tibetan beads become more mysterious.

Attracted by their mysterious morals and delicate appearances, many people cannot help falling in love with them. Therefore, the demands of Tibetan beads, pendants and charms are growing larger and larger. And many jewelry makers and jewelry businessmen purchase them from China wholesalers, such as If you are a jewelry maker or a jewelry businessman, don't miss this trend to earn more money.