A User Review Of The Tissot Touch Screen Watch

Having worn a Tissot Sea Star dive watch for years I decided to add the slightly dressier PRS-200 to my collection. It's slightly smaller than it's chunky cousin with a 39 mm case width.
This is a sharp, expensive looking watch that sells in the $300 to $450 range. It compares in quality to any of Tag Heuer's digital series which sell in the $1200 to $2500 range.
The Tissot Touch Screen Watchseries comes in a variety of face colors and in either gold, two - tone or stainless steel case and band.
For the purpose of this review I will discuss the stainless steel model as seen in the photo above, with a black face.
It's deeply polished chrome bezel and band makes the watch a real head turner. It could easily be mistaken for a chronograph watch selling in the $1000 plus range. While you will probably want to keep this one for a night on the town it's perfectly capable of going to almost any environment. It's rated down to 100 meters or 660 feet, which is more than enough for SCUBA diving.
The G10.211 jeweled Quartz movement means that it will keep perfect time for months on end in any temperature without winding. Automatic watches are wonderful works of craftsmanship but are not as accurate as simpler quartz movement watches like the Tissot Touch Screen Watch.
It features other nice SCUBA friendly features such as a screw down crown (adjustment stem), a rotating bezel (a must for all divers) and locking clasp with wetsuit extender.
The wetsuit extender enables a diver to wear the Tissot Touch Screen Watch over a 6 millimeter wetsuit when the extension is flipped out. The locking clasp ensures the watch band won't slip off your wrist when brushed against an object while diving or on the surface.
The luminous hands are easily readable in the dark, even after an hour or more. In fact, I was still able to read the time quite easily in total darkness throughout the night.
The chronograph with Tachymeter ruler on the outer is a nice feature for timing sports events such as yacht racing, or things like film development, etc.