A Pair of Men's casual canvas shoes

In late May, "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, the final chapter the official landing theaters, Disney took the opportunity to sell large pirate products, from the Nike Air Max 2009 dress, exaggerated jewelry, to toys, shoes ... ... cause also the sale of "pirates healthy meals to make up for energy . " People obsessed with pirates swept from Hollywood to fashion industry, Fendi, JustCavalli, ChristianLacroix, Sinequanone other well-known brands do in the new season, "Pirates" spirit mark everywhere. Restoration of old style with tattered fabric has become so fashionable, pirate-style crepe dress, coarse texture T-shirt, cap nuts, while a variety of skull design jewelry, scarves, etc., a series of outrageous attire will be pulled into the 16th century, we will fall - the era of rampant piracy.

Men's casual canvas new converse shoes, fashionable obsession Departed "Pirates, strange, sly but no lack of Xia Qi, a practice Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, pirates installed in such a temperament in the evolution of the friction. Ghastly skull and crossbones has received tough cowardly nature, become more relaxed and humorous; feminine ring, necklace, due to be paid to the Nike Air Max 24-7 shape of swords and whistles become neutral. fashionable to create unlimited, you can let me wear clothing nasty taste but not the other people dislike.

Pirate shirt
Trimmed with lace and flounced shirt, shirt with a wrinkled, loose silk shirt ... ..., the slightly feminine men a few years ago about a single product makes dazzling, but now a hot election pirate shirt . KeanEtro spring and summer men go pirate the latest quarter the wind to do his best luxury medieval exaggeration, the noble spirit of the paramecium patterns, boreal regions hibiscus flowers, mix of Eastern mysticism in the pirate shirt on the dragon, showing the national wind and return to the past trend of like-minded.

What kind of screening Qi pirate style shirt, beige red may never go astray. Herein, the lightweight cotton linen texture may be able to wear clothing with loose texture and exaggerated special feelings. What you did not see what the pirates are wearing tights for it. Can beam into the hem of the dress pants, Converse shoes and how to defend the authenticity? - Converse. May wish to let it casually open collar, sleeves and buttons also do not need it on, to wear clothing with all kinds of evil thoughts best