Learn Chinese Clture-Chinese Idiom - Misfortune May Prove a Blessing in Disguise

It is an idiom implicating Chinese philosophy on loss and gain, or good and bad.Source: the book of "Huainan ZiâEUR¢Renjian Xun (Human Training)"In the Warring States period, near China's northern borders lived an old man well versed in the practices of raising horse. One day, for no reason at all, chinese schools in shanghai a horse got into the territory of the northern tribes and lost. Everyone commiserated with him."Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing," said the man.Thought it was merely thought his self-comfort in others' option, after several days, his animal came back, leading a fine horse from the north. Everyone congratulated him."Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a cause of misfortune," said the man.Since the man's only son was fond of riding. He found that it was really a good wild horse brought by the lost one, and then rode it every day eventually broke shanghai chinese school his thigh bone falling from the horse back. Everyone commiserated with his father."Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing," said the old man.One year later, the northern tribes started a big invasion of the border regions. All able-bodied young men were enlisted taking up arms and fighting against the invaders, and as a result, around the border nine out of ten men died. learn chinese This man's son did not join in the fighting because he was crippled and so both the boy and his father survived.How to UseIn Chinese, if anyone has a bad luck, you may commiserate him/her that:characters thumb1 Chinese Idiom Misfortune May Prove a Blessing in Disguise(Don't worry. Don't you know the story "old man lost his horse"? Misfortune may prove a blessing in disguise.)
During the Spring and Autumn Period, there was a man who hired a small boat to take him from the north end of the Yangtze river to the south end. As the boat chinese schools in shanghai got out into the middle of the river, the man was admiring the beautiful scenery. He began to sing a song and beat time with the sword he was carrying in his hand. Suddenly a strong wind came up and created a wave which rocked the boat so hard that the manâEUR(TM)s sword fell into the river. This was the manâEUR(TM)s most treasured sword. He was about to jump in after it, when he decided that he should first make a mark on the side of the boat at the place where the shanghai chinese sword had fallen in. That way, he reasoned, he would be sure to find it. Having made the mark, he ordered the boatman to stop, took off his shoes and long coat, and jumped in the water. He looked all around, but couldnâEUR(TM)t find his sword. Utterly exasperated, he said to the boatman, "Do you see this mark on the side of the boat? learn chinese This is where my sword fell into the river! So how come I canâEUR(TM)t find it?"