‘New Moon’ Parody Released by The Hillywood Show

Hannah and Hilly Hindi, the pint-sized production team known as Hillywood, sparked a viral sensation last year with their Bollywood- inspired parody of “Twilight”, a mini-movie that featured more lip-synching and dancing than a Britney Spears concert. The sister duo, along with partners Jacob Jost and Drew Lorentz, have gone on to make a bit of a career hosting “Twilight” conventions around the country and are now releasing their second “Twilight” spoof, this time lovingly skewering “New Moon.”

The nearly 11-minute video (watch it at the Hillywood Show Web site) took five months to complete, which included 22 days of filming. The bulk of the project was filmed in Forks and LaPush, Washington and even features the Bella’s real truck from “Twilight.”

Much like the Hindis’ first effort, what makes this homage so great is the sisters’ keen ear for oh-so-fitting music. Once again the duo turn to songstress Katy Perry to open the film, this time opting for the mellower “Thinking of You.” We see Edward abandoning Bella in the woods as the lyrics “You said move on/Where do I go?” blast in the background. It was a particularly nice touch that Bella looked u
p to Jacob in the woods as the line “I guess second best is all I will know” streamed through the lush forrest.

Bella’s months of moping and mourning turn into mere second in the hands of the Hilly sisters, as our heroine busts out of her funk to the strains of Pink’s “So What,” wiggling in skin-tight leather pants, canoodling with a certain werewolf and emblazoning “Team Jacob” on her back in permanent ink. And in a cheeky addition, Jacob and Edward don boxing gloves and take their fight in to the ring.

The finale is an odd mash-up of a Volturi dance party, the birthday scene and Bella running to save Edward in Volterra. It’s a bit of a nonsensical ending (why wasn’t the birthday scene at the beginning?) to an otherwise clever parody. In addition to their inspired music choices, the sisters have a great eye for detail, down to Bella’s purple bedspread. And that kid playing Jacob Black? He could seriously be Taylor Lautner‘s stunt double.