Kristen Stewart’s Riot Refuge Was Cramped B&B

Snow White's Kristen Stewart stayed super-safe all through the London riots, holed up in a bed & breakfast with several other members of the cast. The place is located on the outskirts of the city, "in the middle of nowhere", Hollywood Life reports. Sometimes the middle of nowhere is the best place to be, when chaos is raging. No wonder Robert Pattinson did not seem to be worried.
But the cast and crew of Snow White and the Huntsman were not in hiding—they were hard at work, filming the exterior castle shots for the movie, which is due to premiere next June. Kristen Stewart "is one of, like, nine people from the movie File:Kristen Stewart.jpgstaying in this bed and breakfast," a source says. "There is only one bathroom on each floor, so they all have to share." This is not the kind of accommodations Kristen Stewart has become accustomed to. Breaking Dawn filming, no matter how remote the set, always seemed to offer a bit of luxury—or at least it sounded that way.
But Kristen Stewart, 21, is holding up well. "She's down to earth," the source goes on. "She knows it's just until they finish castle shots. She's being very cool about it."
The cast may be still there, as there is no word on where they plan to go next. At least, KStew probably hopes, it will be somewhere with a private bath.