Kristen Stewart’s Grumpy Attitude at ‘Snow White’ Shoot

Kristen Stewart showed off a sulky face and a cigarette at a recent re-shoot of Snow White and the Huntsman. She waved off photographers, while co-star Charlize Theron charmed the crowd, smiling, cooing and cuddling a baby borrowed (from on-set friends) for the occasion. KStew's grumpy attitude made clear she did not want to be on set, cleaning up a few necessary unfinished scenes, reports Daily Mail. Maybe she was missing the absent Robert Pattinson. Or maybe she was just in a really bad mood. Cigarette smoke can do that to a person.
Kristen Stewart is Snow White of Snow White and the Huntsman, while ChFile:Kristen Stewart.jpgarlize plays the evil queen, but the two actresses seemed to be into a role reversal. The evil stepmother actress displayed a sunny smile, while Kristen, dark circles under her eyes, looked ready, the tabloid suggested, to put an evil spell on passers-by. Curse of the vampire?
The moods may have reflected how the two celebs' personal lives are going. Charlize Theron, sources say, is thinking seriously about adopting a baby of her own, in the Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie tradition. She has plans to send her life in a new, happy direction.
Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, is sort of in limbo. Will they or won't they get married? When? Where? Or will she and Robert Pattinson break up and horrify thousands of fans, nine months before Breaking Dawn comes out? Fans will have to stay tuned.