Kristen Stewart Wearing Black Driving Little Black Car

Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight Saga series of films (including the upcoming Breaking Dawn; the one where the werewolf falls in love with a baby…seriously), has made a boatload of cash for playing a role in which she basically just has to stand there looking angsty while metro-sexual vampires fight spray tanned teen wolves. I can’t knock her for making money living out every Hot Topic employee’s dream, and I can’t knock her for her car choice either. Stewart drives around in a black Mini Cooper; a car that is nice, but not over done, and good for the enviroment without having the same air of pretentiousness that Prius’ seem to have. It’s a solid choice, and a nice departure from most of young Hollywood’s tendency to over spend on cars they rarely drive. She seems to really enjoy driving around in it too. Seeing her so happy makes me wonder what things would have been like if I’d excepted a role in a similar film called GuyLight. It was about vampires in love too, and the director, Bruce, told me that if I…wait…ohhhhh I just got it, yeah, that wouldn’t have worked out well at all.