Kristen Stewart Undressed for Men’s Magazine

Kristen Stewart has undressed for a men’s magazine. It is a fact now. Just another starlet to take off her clothes for a good purpose… 

Earlier or later this would have happened I think. I can’t name even one star who hasn’t stroke a sultry pose in her bikini or underwear for a magazine. But still seeing Kristen Stewart on the cover of GQ is kind of weird.
Maybe it’s just me that I don’t see anything sexy about Kristen Stewart or probably I used to believe she could become popular without undressing. Well, anyway. It has happene
d. The Twilight actress has graced a men’s magazine front page.
Of course Kristen Stewart is not nude on the cover of GQ and she is wearing a rather demure swimsuit but the fact she joined the group makes me sad.
What’s next? Posing naked? Is it really so necessary?
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