Kristen Stewart Snubbed By Another 'Snow White' Actor?

Kristen Stewart may have just gotten a dose of the cold shoulder by another Snow White actor, Nathan Lane, who's thankfully not starring in her own movie, Snow White and the Huntsman but in another flick about the popular fairytale: Mirror Mirror. He better watch what he says, though, as Stewart's super-supportive boyfriend (not to mention her scads of fans and co-stars!) may be quick to defend his girl, should things get too uncomplimentary.
Lane recently swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat up the talk show host and promote his upcoming film, which stars Lily Collins in the lead role and hits theaters on March 16. While there, he said, "If you see one Snow White movie this year, this is the one... that comes out first." (Huntsman debuts on June 1.) He humorously added, "[Mirror Mirror's] so good they named it twice," and that the movie "is a lot of fun, and we have the secret weapon that is Julia Roberts."
File:Kristen Stewart.jpgWhile the actor's remarks were certainly all made in a joking manner, and there's no reason he shouldn't stand up for his own flick, there seems like there might be a silly snub lurking behind those comments. There's enough room (hopefully!) on the silver screen for two Snow White interpretations, which probably could not be more different in scope.
After all, there's no need to discount Snow White and the Huntsman because the movie doesn't have an actress like Roberts. It does have Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, who has an undeniable popularity factor going for her right now, what with the craze of The Twilight Saga not to mention a hot topic boyfriend in Robert Pattinson.
Whether it was an intentional diss from Nathan Lane, as Hollywood Life seemingly suggests, or just an unfortunate interpretation of meaning, the box office will be the true test of which Snow White wins the ultimate princess (or warrior-princess, in Kristen Stewart's case) crown!