Kristen Stewart Is Perfect Snow White! Robert Pattinson Is Partly Responsible

Kristen Stewart has played a perfect girl-turned-vampire alongside boyfriend Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga, but she may also be a textbook Snow White. It's hard to imagine two characters more different than Bella Swan and the fairy-tale princess who's been a Disney favorite for so long. But it seems Stewart really is the ideal actress to play the lead role in her upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, for more reasons than just her acting talent and her it-girl status. And there's no doubt her supportive boyfriend RPatz would agree. He's even one of the biggest reasons why she is a real-life S.W. It actually turns out that KStew shares a lot more in common with Snow than meets the eye!
It's really uncanny the similarities between Kristen Stewart and the fictional character of Snow White. Hollywood Life has rounded up a top five list of comparisons, beginning with the fact that Stewart has spent time with animals. She's had some previous experience while filming Twilight. No matter those wolves of the woods were computer-generated, they definitely count as a brush with wildlife (and perhaps make her well-suited to also take on a Little Red Riding Hood role!).
File:Kristen Stewart @ 2010 Academy Awards crop2.jpgFurthermore, Hollywood Life points out that Stewart is the "fairest of them all," not only beating out the Evil Queen in the movie, but also topping the list of young Hollywood starlets. She can be best-dressed when she wants to be, but isn't shy to rock her signature casual style—and she looks great no matter what! Speaking of fair, Stewart has traditionally eschewed the fake tan, ultra-bronze trap that some stars so readily embrace. Her porcelain skin and her dark hair (dyed jet black for the role) make her a perfect incarnation of a modern S.W.
Of course, some interpretations of Snow White show her singing quite well and Stewart has that one covered, too. She really is musical and sang in previous films, The Runaways and Into the Wild. And, saving the best and most important point for last, Kristen Stewart is a real-life Snow White because she really does have her own Prince Charming in Robert Pattinson, just like S.W.'s William, played by Sam Claflin. Now that's a happy-ever-after fairytale if there ever was one!