Kristen Stewart Inspired Another Important Guy, Besides Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart surely provides plenty of inspiration to Robert Pattinson, her hunky British actor of a boyfriend (and he to her!). After all, they did fall in love with each other on the set of the highly popular movie series, The Twilight Saga, attracted to each other's strikingly good looks, as well as the undeniable acting cred they share. However, there's another very important guy in K-Stew's life that she has also influenced: her older brother, Cameron Stewart.
Like his sister, Cameron, 26, seems to have inherited the showbiz gene, albeit on a much smaller level. But that may change with his role in his mom Jules Stewart's upcoming and quite provocative flick, K-11, a prison drama where the Sledgehammer character was created especially for him by his mom, as Hollywood Life reports. But it was little sis, Kristen Stewart, who just wrapped Snow White and the Huntsman and also has a supporting role in her mom's movie, who apparently really influenced him (if only by example) to take on the part.
File:Kristen Stewart.jpg"If my sister can do it, then I thought I could do it," Cameron admitted. "I had a lot of fun doing it... My mom wrote the part for me. Not because I'm a tweaker but because I'm skinny. So I guess she was going for the whole skinny-Mohawk-neo-Nazi thing." Indeed, Hollywood Life has a photo posted of Cameron Stewart and he does have the edgy thing going for him (thanks to his mohawk and his scruffy, brooding appearance). He also not only shares Kristen's eyes, but both bro and sis walk on a bit of an unconventional edge. However, that's their ultimate cool factor.
It's certainly unusual and quite fascinating that mom, brother and sister Stewart are all involved in K-11. Talk about keeping it in the family! The only thing missing from this big picture is Robert Pattinson. He may be sitting this one out, but he'll no doubt be sitting back and screening the film with pride, as he is once again reminded just how much his multifaceted main girl, Kristen Stewart, inspires him.