Kendall Jenner Does Her First Serious Editorial!

 The Kardashians are getting on my nerves just as much as on everyone else’s but their younger sister Kendall Jenner seems to be cute. She isn’t very smart (and isn’t planning to become smarter as she said she was looking forward to working on her modeling career rather than going to college) but her figure is perfect. I hope she won’t get those Kim’s curves and could become a real model. By the way, the 16-year-old has done her first more or less serious editorial, for Flavour magazine.
Kendall Jenner, who has already posed for a swimsuit campaign and Teen Vogue Magazine (alongside her younger sibling Kylie, who is also aimed at becoming a model), has appeared wearing bright bikinis on pages of a French magazine Flavor.
Photographed by Sinisha Nisevic in Beverly Hills Kendall looks impressive. But she definitely has a lot t
o learn about modeling as she is a little tensed and I always have an impression she doesn’t do all what she can do.
AS soon as Kendal’s photos were released she posted them to her blog:
I am soooo excited to show you guys these shots from my FLAVOR magazine shoot!! The pics were taken by the amazing Sinisha Nisevic at the famous Goldstein House in Beverly Hills!”