Vibram FiveFingers - The Best Designed Running Shoe

So perhaps you've heard something about these shoes already and are considering getting a pair? Perhaps not, and have just accidentally come across this article. Well, all I can say is that vibram the shoes are great.

Vibram have started to branch out from the Vibram FiveFingers Classic and have developed different shoes to specialise in different fields. The ideas are all similar, a shoe to bring as near as possible barefoot experience with the protection needed underfoot so avoid any cuts and abrasions. Good stuff I reckon.

The shoes are made from durable materials to protect the sole of the foot and afford good grip on surfaces. The uppers are each slightly different, the FiveFingers Mary Jane are actually made with a Kangaroo leather upper. These particular shoes have probably the most limited use because they are for indoor use only, but what a great looking pair of shoes and would be real nice for Yoga or Pilates and even just general indoor wea
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fivefingers sprint is the newest addition have been created with running specially in mind. The Bikila have more protection underfoot, there is a thicker section for the ball of the foot since the idea is that barefoot or indeed near barefoot running will encourage your body to begin forefoot running and therefore a healthier style of movement for your body. The toes are well protected also and there is extra padding around vibram five fingers the ankle to make the shoe much more comfortable. This is not to say that the other FiveFingers shoes are less comfortable but the Vibram Bikila is probably the most specialised.

The FiveFingers KSO have been the leading selling men's Vibram shoe in the past year. This design is ideal for a cross range of activities including climbing/ bouldering, yoga/ Pilates, light trekking and water sports.

The Vibram FiveFingers Sprint is similar to the KSO in that they both has an encased upper foot with a hook and eye closure which creates a more secure feeling and keeps grit and dirt out of the shoe also.

The Vibram FiveFingers concept is about returning to a more natural way of moving, one that begins to develop a more natural footfall allowing our bodies to move the way that millennia of evolution designed us to. The benefits of this is a return to a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike when running and those of us who run may well be guilty of being heavy on the heel in all shoes because of a familiarity with well padded running shoes.

By returning to a near barefoot experience we can also allow our bodies to start developing the muscles in the lower legs, ankles and feet that has become lazy through use of normal protective footwear. So I think it's worth a go with these shoes and seeing vibram five finger kos what they can do.