30 Language and Translation Tools


There are plenty of language and translation tools on the Web. Most of these tools are not perfect. It means you can’t rely on them to translate correctly. You can use them to translate well enough to get understood though. Translations made with these tools are in a way “quick and dirty”.  So you still need a professional translator in order to get a high quality translation. Nonetheless even professional translators use such tools just like they use dictionaries.
This list of 30 language and translation tools aims to help both the quick and dirty standard Web users as well as simplify the work of professional translators. Some tools are well known but others are not yet that widely used.
Translation is not only about translating text or words.
Often we encounter metrics and varying numbers we need to localize as well to make a message clear. We need to use different currencies for instance. So this list also includes various tools that convert measurement values.
Translation tools
Simple translation tools allow you to copy and paste your text or let you translate your website. The results are often awful for native speakers but in most cases you can grasp the meaning of a text when using them. In cases where quick and dirty is enough you’ll use these tools. When publishing a text on your website, especially for a business website ask a translator to do the work.