Asin at Filmfare Cover Launch

A debut film with Aamir Khan and that too a big blockbuster hit, what else could Asin ask for? Asin has not just won recognition for her brilliant performance in Ghajini (2008) but also bagged the best debutant award at the recent Screen Awards. She was one of those lucky girls who managed to get a perfect launch pad for herself in Bollywood. With so many acclaims, recognition, awards and fame she is definitely the red hot women to be on the cover page of any magazine. Recently Asin was seen launching the latest Filmfare magazine which had her posing in a red drape on the cover. The lady posed for the month of love February and she definitely looked sizzling hot. The color of love, red added that extra oomph in her attitude. Asin said that she shares a good rapport with Filmfare as they are the ones who bring the stars of the sky down to the people and that's how they come to know about their favorite stars. Filmfare to Asin is the connection between stars and their fans. Well we wish Asins bond with her fans strengthens with her latest Filmfare edition.